Lavarow Coath - Proverbs


Morteed en metten traveeth na dale: The morning tide is not worth anything:

Cabmthavas en metten, glawe boaz etten:
A rainbow in the morning, rain be in it.

Cowz nebas ha cowz daa, buz cowz nebas an gwelha:
Speak little, speak good, but speak little is the best.

Cowz nebas. cowz daa ha daa veth cowzez arta'. Speak little, speak good and good will be spoken again.

Cuzal ha teag, sarra wheag. moaz pell
: Soft and fair, sweet sir. goes far.

Ree a edn dra na dale traveeth:
Too much of one thing is good for nothing.

An gwreanath ew an gwelha en pub lea trea po pelha:

The truth is the best in every place, at home and further.

Pobell abell a beaw castilli:
People afar own castles.

Neb na gare e gwain. coll resteffa: Who loves not gain, let her have loss.

Neb na gare e gye an gwra deveeder: Who loves not his dog will make him a sheep- worrier.

Nag eze goon heb lagas na kea heb scovarn: There is no down without an eye, nor hedge without an ear.

Gwra daa, rag tha honen che an gwra: Do good, for thyself you shall do it.

Comero weeth na ra whye gara an vorr goth rag an vorr noweth,
Take care that you do not leave the old road for the new road.

Bethez gweskez duath ken gweskall eneth: Be struck twice before striking once.

Nag o ve brage na hollan: I am neither malt nor salt.

Thero whye lawhetha an darras po marth ledrez: You are locking the door when a horse is stolen.

Rag pobell thaa nag eze tra e gellas: For good people there is nothing to hide.

Gwary wheag ew gwary teag: Fine play is fair play.

Gwave en Have tereha Goluan. ha Have en Gwave tereba Nadelack.
Winter in Summer till Midsummer, and Summer in Winter till Christmas

Ma Whevral lenall an crenniow rag Merh: February fills the reservoirs for March.

Mor menna whye moaz gena ve hannath, me a vedn moaz gena why avorrow.
If you go with me tonight, I will go with you tomorrow.

Teag ew hydruk: Beautiful is fragile.

Na vedn nevra doaz vaze a tavas ree heer: No good will ever come of a tongue too long.