Historic Cornish Texts / Scrifow Kernuak Diuedhaz

(from the Late or Modern Period / athor an Ooz Nowedga)

Allen, William
Rhyme 1
Rhyme 2
An Dek Aradow
Bodinar William
Letter to Barrington
Boson, John
Advice to Arthur Hutchens
Apostles’ Creed
Cornôack-Pader an Arleth
Epitaph for John Jenkins
Genesis 1
John Keigwin's Death
Letter to William Gwavas
Letter to Gwavas with the Lord's Prayer
Letter to William Gwavas 2
Memorial to Capt. Stephen Hutchens
Moral Advice
Pilchard Rhyme
Ten Commandments
Boson, Nicholas
the Duchess of Cornwall’s Progress
Jooan Chei an Horr (vv 1-14)
Nebbaz Gerriau dro tho Carnoack
Boson, Thomas
Apostles’ Creed (An Credian)
Ten Commandments (an Deag Laver Deu)
The Lord's Prayer (An Pader)
Hurling Ball (An Pelle Arrance ma)
Hundredth Psalm with Letter
Carew, Richard
Truro (Truru)
Carter, Noel
Ha me a moaz
Chirgwin, Edward
Delkiow Seve
Davey, John
Crankan Rhyme
Drake, Thomas
Gwavas, William
Ten Commandments (an Deag Laver Deu)
Poem about Marazion Bowling-Green and Club
Letter to America (Lether tha America)
Letter to Oliver Pender
Letter to John Boson
Verse to Nicholas Pentreath
Harry, James
Me a pew an deau enouz
Jenkins, John
Cousow do ve che dean mor ferre
Ma leeas gwreag
Keigwin, John
King Charles First’s Letter
Lluyd, Edward
Lavar Coath
Family Mottoes
Pender, Oliver
Letter about pilchards to Gwavas
Letter to Gwavas (small extract)
Rowe, William
Matthew II
Matthew IV
The Ten Commandments
Genesis III
Symonds, Richard
Civil War Diary
Thomas, Henry
Australian Notebook
To Dolly Pentreath
Tonkin, John
Kanna Kernuak
Ni venja pea