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Richard Symonds 1644 home page
Civil War Diary from Notley, Essex

House, chy;
tree, guethane;
man, dene,
child, flo;
hog, ragamo;
horse, marh;
mare, casick;
dog, kie;
saddle, deeber;
bridle, frodin;
hand, dorne;
leg, gar;
foot, troos;
eye, lagesse;
nose, frigo;
arme, breach;
mouth, ganno;
boy, mao;
girl, mose;
sword, clitha;
scabbard, goon;
towne, tre;
1, onan;
2, deu;
3, try;
4, padger;
5, pemp;
6, whe;
7, sith;
8, ath;
9, naw;
10, deag;
11, idnac;
12, douthac;
13, tarthac;
14, pedgwarthac;
15, pemthac;
16, wheetaeck;
17, sitack;
18, ithac;
19, nounjack;
20, ygans;
100, kans.
God save you, Dew ragges blessye;
I thanke you, Gad marshe;
God be with you, Bedna tew thew;
;wish you well, Dieu rew grace
thew gilda;.

2 rude words left out RMN???

OC Vol.IV No 2 Winter 1943